We provide  customized ressources and methods to deliver good trends and good design.

Our approach is based on 3 steps that accompany creative teams from inspiration to implementation.

  • Trends: we gather and analyse market data, consumer insights and design trends to create relevant usage scenarios.
  • Design: we facilitate creative workshops to boost creativity and trigger innovations.
  • Implementation: we support creative teams along the design process to refine products and market them with success.

Our analytical framework is the mood consumption theory

The mood consumption theory is a proprietary methodology created in 2002 by Style-Vision. It is an alternative segmentation model that segments individuals according to their personality and tastes. Using such a tool helps companies understand how consumers will react to social trends depending upon their psychological profiles and sensorial preferences and enable them to find accurate ideas to anticipate their needs, engage them and ultimately to keep them loyal.

If you are interested in the theory and its applications, you can check your mood on the website , read our latest report Mood report 2018 and contact us